What our clients are saying in Haverhill

Having worked with Christine Rocha before and knowing that her personality was a good fit with mine was very important. She is kind, patient, respectful, and above all a wonderful educational resource to anyone who isn’t familiar with the ins and outs of buying and selling property. Christine was always available for questions – I know we were not her only clients, but she made us feel as though we were her number one priority.

What would make me pick Christine again and again is all of the behind the scenes legwork that she will do on your behalf. When selling my condo she was able to talk to the agents for the two buyers that made the best offers and gave us a sense of where she saw potential landmines and where she saw smoother sailing. And when purchasing my house she went to the city of Haverhill to make sure that the seller had properly gotten permits on some work that had been done (and it turns out it was a very good idea to check on this!) I feel so much more confident working with Christine than I would with any other agent since I know how thorough of a job she does.